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24-Hour Narcos Tournament

A world of peace, play and laughter is not a world that drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, has in mind.

In his world, everyone will kneel to him or face a certain fate of torture and death.

This evil man and his insane gang of drug traffickers will do everything necessary to maintain the grip they have.

The 24-Hour Narcos Tournament takes the fight to the streets. 

The winners are the chosen ones who spin the most Narcos slots.

 1st Place: 500 FreeSpins
2nd Place: 350 FreeSpins
3rd Place: 150 FreeSpins

Step onto the streets and rid remove

the evildoers...

20% up to €150

with your next deposit €20+


35% up to €200

with your next deposit €40+


45% up to €200

when you deposit €65+



Valid on 08.06.19

Kindly note: Be prepared for Sunday's 24-hour "Paramount Reign" Tournament.