Jubilant Jewelry Box

Rembrandt wishes you the warmest Season's Greetings with a special collection of solid

gemstones that you can collect and produce bonus money from.

Running from the 1st to the 31st of December,

Rembrandt has your Jubilant Jewelry Box, where making a gemstone line is truly sublime.

How it works;

All of Rembrandt's players who log in during this aforementioned period,

will receive a Jewelry Box located in the Lobby.

  • For each deposit of €20, or several smaller deposits made the same day totaling €20, you will receive one additional gemstone randomly placed in your Jewelry Box.
  • The higher your sum of deposits, the more gemstones you will receive at once.
  • Fill up your Jewelry Box with gemstones to form a horizontal (requires 5 stones) or vertical line (requires 4 stones) to win extra bonus money credited to your account.

Once you have filled a line/multiple lines and had your winning combination, you will receive a new Jewelry Box.

See below for winnings:
Fill one (1) vertical line and receive €10 extra bonus money
Fill one (1) horizontal line and receive €20 extra bonus money
A combination of both lines on one (1) card will grant you €35 extra bonus money
Fill two (2) or more vertical lines and receive €25 extra bonus money
Fill two (2) or more horizontal lines and receive €40 extra bonus money
Two (2) or more combinations of both lines on 1 card will grant you the maximum of €50 extra bonus money

Begin building your collection of...


Valid from 01 - 31.12. 2019