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There is a strange fruit, which grows upon a strange tree, which grows deep within a strange jungle,

deep within a strange land. 

Durian Dynamite gives explosively good times... and with a Deposit Bonus and FreeSpins you can

start things off the right way.

This 24-Hour Quickspin Challenge requires someone with a truly discerning taste.

But this jungle fruit shop will close at 23:59 CEST.

Check the Challenges page here to learn how they work.

Take your taste buds and bite into this glorious fruit...


20% up to €150

with your next deposit 


20% up to €200

when you deposit €35+


35% up to €200

when you deposit €55+


15 FreeSpins on Durian Dynamite

with your next deposit 



Valid on 06.07.19