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Rembrandt offers you an incredible option for your sporting needs. Cash out betting gives you a formidable formula to complement your favorite sporting event.

What precisely is cash out?

Rembrandt's cash out option is a powerful formula to maximize your capacity to collect wins during live sports betting. Place your bet, sit back and enjoy your favorite live sports event. 
During the race or game, there will be moments when you are wholly unsure about the outcome - will things go for or against you? In either scenario,
Rembrandt's cash out feature can be utilized to your advantage. Depending on the current situation of a given game or race, cashing out can either afford you with all of your money back, allow you to make a profit or get part of your stake back, which is clearly more attractive than losing it all. When Rembrandt makes the cash out option available, consider it a winning tool for your toolbox.

How exactly does this work?

There are two instances when cashing out a bet is useful; when a real-time sporting event is not moving in your favor and when it is.

When things are not going well, you may have placed your bet on Best City United to win. Your team is down 1-0, at the half-time point. Perhaps you bet €10 on Best City United at 2/1. Rembrandt can supply you with a supporting structure to ensure that you walk away with something. Wholly as an example, it could be approximately €5.

On the other end of the scale,
perhaps the sporting event is following your prediction perfectly, but you decide that you want total peace of mind payment before things go awry. Rembrandt can help to give you a sure profit on your stake here. As an example, a €10 bet on Best City United to beat Big City United. At the half-time point, Best City United are 2-0 up. If Best City United were priced at 2/1, then your total payout would be €30 if you keep your bet live until the end. In this example, Rembrandt could offer you €22 as a cash out value.

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