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What is an Acca Boost or Accumulator Bet?

Rembrandt has a solution to achieve an exceedingly high level of success.

An Acca, also called Acca-Booster, Accumulator Bet, Multibet, Combination Bet or Parlay Bet, is where several different bets, or legs, of entire games or single events can be combined and placed on one betslip, to project you to the top floor of success. Imagine each leg, bet or segment as something that can reward you with separate payouts.

Football Acca Boost or Acca and many other sporting events of your choice, have the real potential of elevating you to the dizzying heights of success. The incredibly attractive draw of accumulator bets is that the individual betting odds are substantially multiplied. This multiplication of odds results is exceedingly high, therefore, your potential for seriously big profits is massively elevated. Sports betting tips are superb, but Acca gives you the chance to corner the market with unimaginable wins.

Acca bets can be placed on
different sporting events and different single game outcomes, such as handicaps, pre-match, halftime or fulltime, including live events.

Rembrandt offers you even more possibility to Boost your winnings from all your 5+ multiples. You can receive up to an extra 100% on top of the multiple odds that were already boosted.

Rembrandt has everything for your online betting and Sportsbook needs. The sportsbook odds and accumulator boosts are extraordinarily good.

How do I start?

Simply place a minimum of 5 selections with odds of 1.25 per event on a single betting slip.

The table below shows the profits you will be able to make as you collect those wins.



Bets Selections Extra Bonus(%)
5 5%
6 10%
7 15%
8 20%
9 30%
10 40%
11 50%
12 60%
13 70%
14 80%
15 90%
16+ 100%